Can you pass this 'maths genius' quiz?

Are you a maths genius? This new quiz might be the way to find out.

The test comes with a warning - only those with an IQ of 146 or above will be able to pass.

Playbuzz user Cody Cross created it to challenge the smartest people in the world.

The 10 questions challenge your understanding of decimals, percentages and mathematical formulae.

If you pass the quiz, the creator claims: "You think logically and symbolically, and you easily visualise numeric patterns. You reason analytically, and communicate mathematical concepts in creative and intuitive ways".

Think you're smart enough to pass? Have a go here:

And if you want a further challenge, have a go at this extremely difficult NCEA level one maths exam.

The papers were labelled a "disaster", with students saying they walked out frustrated and tearful.

Kapiti College head of maths Jake Wills told The AM Show last year some parts were "very unfair" on students.

"There were some who just came out in absolute tears because they were like 'I don't know how to do this'," he said.

"We shouldn't expect our students who are in year 11 to be doing year 12 work."


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