Clarke Gayford reveals 'bloody cute' baby gifts for Jacinda Ardern

There's a lot of kit to be gathered when one is awaiting the arrival of a baby. Cot, nappies, onesies and... gumboots.

Father-to-be Clarke Gayford is prepping for the birth of his firstborn with a collection of not one, not two, but three spectacular pairs of wellies.

In a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Gayford showed off three pairs of Red Band gumboots - a classic Kiwi rubber boot that's been around for generations.

Two pairs were the traditional rubber version, and one was a sweet knitted pair.

The three pairs of boots are all gifts for the baby. Mr Gayford didn't say who they had come from.

In the tweet, Mr Gayford claimed the right to his first ever "In my day", complaining that he never had "fancy redbands" as a kid - instead being forced to wear Warehouse knock-offs.

Red Bands are undoubtedly a fancy gumboot. The original Red Bands - owned by Skellerup - sold for 25 shillings and 11 pence.

These days, the men's retail for around $75 and the junior version for around $30.

And you can get your own sweet knitted Red Band Gumbooties here.

Mr Gayford and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's baby is due to arrive in a matter of days.