Disturbing insults aimed at Kiwi women in viral Korean videos

Social media users are outraged at a viral Korean video insulting Kiwi women, calling them among other things 'manipulative whores'.

On Thursday a link to the video, titled in Korean 'NZ Men Are Fleeing from NZ Due To Feminism', was posted to Reddit.

Users shared their disbelief over the claims the video creator makes.

"Basically calling women in NZ sluts who would have sex with any foreigners because there are no men in NZ. 

"If you get divorced in NZ women take all the assets because that's just how they are," the original poster quoted from the video.

"Basically the video is all made up lies with no back ups but it has spread so much to the point that people I know in Korea are asking me about it."

The video was uploaded over the weekend and has already been watched by half a million people.

Upon investigation, Newshub found the video copies the script of another video uploaded in 2017 that has racked up more than 4 million views.

The subtitles are all in Korean, so Newshub had it translated.

The original video is titled 'New Zealand Male Shortage Phenomenon Caused By Feminism'.

The subtitles discuss a variety of reasons Kiwi men have fled the country, initially citing the "extreme feminists" who have gained power in New Zealand politics.

Next, the video talks about Kiwi women being more likely to be granted custody of a child after divorce.

"The possibility that men can win is close to zero," the subtitles read (translated from Korean).

"Even if the husband is rich and the woman is poor, unemployed and good-for-nothing with alcohol and drug problems, even when the woman's affair caused the divorce."

The claim is then made that the husband is forced to allocate 80 percent of his income towards child support payments.

The video soon moves to discussing other ways women conspire to take money from men, including cutting holes in condoms to become pregnant and receive child support payments.

A title card displays the phrase, translated from Korean, "Making New Zealand Women Whores".

The subtitles detail a mass exodus of the country's decent men.

"Because there are less men in New Zealand, older women who are used to sex will have sex with tourist men.

"New Zealand women have an average of 20 sex partners, easily double the number of women in other countries."

The video says the mass exodus of good guys has left younger New Zealand women fending for the remaining lazy men.

"New Zealand became a country where highly educated women have to take what they can get and appreciate good-for-nothing men and treat them like kings."

The video was uploaded by viral video channel Minos Tube, and is their most popular video.

Other titles from the channel include '6 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Russian Women'.