Former Dotcom mansion hosts 350-person party for NZ's movers and shakers

The self-proclaimed "party of the year" was held on Friday at one of New Zealand's most prestigious properties - what once was the Kim Dotcom mansion.

It's now home to a Kiwi family who opened their doors to business leaders, multimillionaires and socialites. Newshub even managed to snag an invite too.

The Great Gatsby-themed night couldn't have had a better setting. Before you even entered you were in selfie heaven - there was even a vintage Rolls Royce to pose with.

Once inside there were professionals to take one for you, and it didn't take long before it was hard to believe you were still in New Zealand.

It was all organised by Jake Millar, the 22-year-old founder of Unfiltered, a Kiwi business start-up that's gone global.

"Tonight's about people coming together letting their hair down in an informal, relaxed setting, having a few drinks talking about business and the future," he said.

The evening was designed for anyone who wanted to mingle with the country's "somebodies".

Mr Millar doesn't think it was just for the one-percenters or the old boys club.

"Tonight is about opening it out to our wider community to the wider country; anyone can be here, anyone is here," he said.

Anna Mowbray owns the place along with her brother, Nick. They bought it for $32 million two years ago.

"We're a really open family and I think that's part of our success actually is being welcoming of people, ideas and opportunities," Ms Mowbray told Newshub.

They made their fortune with Zuru, the globally successful toy company behind Bunch O Balloons.

"I think building more global companies, and companies that are more ambitious and want to push more, is a good thing," Mr Mowbray said.

"I think by bringing more of those ambitious people together perhaps it'll help bubble up more ideas and we can do more together."

Ambition - maybe that's what drew the 350 people to the party, that and a chance to network and hope some of the success would rub off.     

Formerly known as the Crisco or Dotcom Mansion, the Mowbrays have given their house a new name.

"The toy mansion is what it's been coined as," Mr Mowbray said.

"I like to call it Mahoenui - I think it's a little more classy," Ms Mowbray said.

"It's a family home for us; literally it's our family home and we'll open the doors to whoever wants to come in."

So next time you're in the area, just pop on in.


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