Hawk-eyed doctor diagnoses woman's cancer just by watching her on TV

Nicole McGuiness
Nicole McGuiness Photo credit: Screenshot/Inside Edition

A US woman has thanked an incredibly observant doctor after he diagnosed a cancerous lump on a her neck as she appeared on a TV programme. 

Dr Erich Voigt noticed the lump on 32-year-old Nicole McGuinness as she featured on a US television station HGTV's show Beachfront Bargain Hunt with her father, Inside Edition reports. 

The ear, nose and throat specialist spotted the lump on Ms McGuinness's throat and felt obliged to tell her.

"They may not know they have something," he said.

Dr Voigt took it upon himself to track down Ms McGuinness through social media, by sharing the segment of the show in the hope he would track her down.

She eventually saw the post, and immediately went to a doctor. Her biopsy revealed she had thyroid cancer.

Ms McGuinness met with Dr Voigt to personally thank him, and will now see a surgeon and get appropriate treatment.


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