How fitness guru Josef Rakich's fiancée felt about his massive proposal

Fitness guru Josef Rakich is massive - he's currently got over 4 million followers on social media.

The Kiwi boy from Massey reigns over an online empire with his girlfriend Maryam Matti and for his proposal he wanted to lift this love story to the next level in the most epic way New Zealand has ever seen.  

He spared no expense in this surprise proposal - a ring the size of your head, New Zealand's biggest stadium, a hot pink range rover, a secret helicopter.

A blindfolded Maryam was carried from the helicopter to a huge pink gift box in the middle of Eden Park. With one pull of the ribbon, a pink Range Rover bearing the words "Will you marry me?" was revealed.

A hundred friends and family tricked into attending a secret party at Eden Park were nearby to see what was going on - although they had no idea what was about to happen.

Of course she said yes and there wasn't a dry eye in the stadium, including Mr Rakich's dad.

"A bit emotional eh? He loves Maryam to bits and [I'm] very proud to have her family involved in our family," he told Three's The Project.

Ms Matti said there had been some comments on social media about the proposal but it was just in Mr Rackich's nature to be over the top.

She says no matter how he proposed, she would have said yes.

"I love him for who he is but what he did do was just amazing and I would have still said yes if it was [less]," she said.

Let's hope he's able to keep up the good work for future Valentine's Days - and the wedding.