How this teen lost half her body weight in under a year

An Australian teenager has opened up about her incredible weight loss, which saw her drop half her body weight in less than a year.

Josie Desgrand from Brisbane used to feel "disgusted" by how she looked.

"I used to go out shopping with my friends and I'd feel embarrassed that I couldn't shop at the cool, trendy stores," she told 9 News.

"I had to shop at the plus size shops... I would walk around and see an older woman wearing the same shirt as me and it made me feel so terrible."

After trying and failing to stick to various fad diets, in October 2016 Josie weighed in at 122kg. She was only 16 years old.

It was then that she knew something had to change.

Over the next 11 months she drastically changed her diet, cutting down on carbs and cutting out sugar and processed food completely. 

While she says she used to eat "mainly junk", Josie began to educate herself on nutrition.

"Juice was a major thing that has a lot of sugar that I didn't know about," she says. "I really educated myself on that and found out what was bad."

She also took to exercising in her lounge at home. In less than a year, she had lost half her body weight - a goal she had only dreamed of in the past.

"I remember lying in bed and looking at all the transformation photos and wanting it so badly," she told 9 News.

Josie says losing that much weight has completely turned her life around, and wants to encourage others in her situation to do the same.

"Don't give up, it will change your life and you won't regret it either. It was the best decision I've ever made."

She documents her new healthy lifestyle on her Instagram account, including some dramatic before-and-after pictures. She has also developed a meal planner based on what she ate to lose weight to help others stick to a nutritious diet.