Man pretends to be Prime Minister of Morocco to get restaurant reservation

  • 21/06/2018

A man has pulled off a casual con in a busy Russian restaurant after tricking the staff into thinking he was the Prime Minister of Morocco in order to secure a reservation.

On Wednesday, Ihab shared their father's tale on Twitter.

"My dad wanted to make a reservation at a restaurant and they told him that they were completely booked. Minutes later he called back claiming to be the Prime Minister of Morocco.

"We got the best table in the place and the chef [asked] him to sign a plate and take a pic [with] him."

Ihab took a video of their dad signing the plate. The Russian chef can be seen grinning and shaking hands with Ihab's father as another chef takes a photo.

While the identity of Ihab's father remains unknown, he's definitely not Saadeddine Othmani, the Prime Minister of Morocco since 2017.