Mother issues sunscreen warning after baby's horrific burns

The 14-month-old girl was left with hideous wounds to her face.
The 14-month-old girl was left with hideous wounds to her face. Photo credit: Rebecca Cannon / Facebook

Warning: This article contains images that may disturb.

A Canadian mother has issued an impassioned warning after her 14-month-old daughter received hideous burn injuries after playing outside in the sun.

However, the mother claims the wounds weren't caused by the sun's rays - they were caused by the sunscreen.

Rebecca Cannon slathered her daughter Kyla with Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50. But shortly afterwards, Kyla's face became red and inflamed, and the next day, things got worse.

"She woke up and was swollen, she was bright red, there were blisters starting to pop up," Ms Cannon told

"We immediately took her up to the doctors and found out she has second-degree burns."

A dermatologist diagnosed her with a "caustic burn from something in the sunscreen".

Photos posted to social media show the aftermath, with the baby left with open, oozing sores on her face.

Ms Cannon complained to Banana Boat, which offered a refund and said it would test the sunscreen.

"We are greatly concerned when any person encounters a reaction using our products," Banana Boat's manufacturer said in a statement.

"We have spoken with the consumer and asked for the product so that our quality assurance team can look into this further."

Fortunately, Kyla was able to recover without any long-term effects; however, Ms Cannon says she has learned her lesson about sunscreen.

"Please watch and be [careful] when using aerosolised sunscreen!" Ms Cannon wrote in her Facebook post.

"I have done a lot of research since coming home and have found a disturbing amount of cases like ours. I don't know why it's not removed from the shelves!"

Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen products are sold in New Zealand, as well.


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