My Food Bag told to stop saying 'hello'

  • 25/06/2018
My Food Bag founder Nadia Lim with a cheeky sign.
My Food Bag founder Nadia Lim with a cheeky sign. Photo credit: My Food Bag

My Food Bag has been threatened with legal action over their use of the word 'hello'.

The New Zealand meal subscription service received a cease and desist letter from HelloFresh, a German multi-national corporation, ordering them to stop using the common greeting in marketing.

My Food Bag currently uses the phrase 'Hello Fresh' in their communications with customers for weight loss product range Fresh Start with Nadia.

Cecilia Robinson, founder and director of My Food Bag, says the company has used the word 'hello' in its marketing since launching in 2013.

"Who would've thought a simple 'hello' could get you in so much trouble?"

She says My Food Bag intends to continue using the word in their communications with customers, and hopes the cost of posting the letter from Germany wasn't too expensive.

The company replied to HelloFresh with a cheeky letter of their own, full of Kiwi slang and some te reo Māori.

"What's not cool is you fellas trying to stop us saying 'hello' to our Fresh Start family," My Food Bag wrote.

"That's just not the Kiwi way. In fact, we thought you guys must be pulling our leg?!  Down here in God's Own, all of us have the right to say hello, kia ora or g'day. Just ask Winston."

My Food Bag also included a Hello Fresh start pack for the German corporation, so that HelloFresh can "say hello to a new you".