New platform makes investing accessible to the everyday Kiwi

  • 28/06/2018

Would you consider yourself confident with managing your own money?

According to a new survey from Sharesies, just under 70 percent of Kiwis think they're okay.

Sharesies is an online platform for beginners looking to get into investing.

CEO Brooke Roberts says you can get your money out within two to five working days.

"It's not locked in and it's not opaque, you can manage it on your phone day to day.

"You can choose how much you invest and how much you want to put in there and choose the risk options that are right for you."

She says a lot of people feel like they don't have access to investing because they have to start with a large sum.

"Then if they do feel like they've got access they feel like they need to know a lot to get started. We started Sharesies to make it simple and easy to give it a crack and learn by doing."

Ms Roberts says the philosophy of Sharsies is that users invest every payday and build it over time, rather than trying to time the market.

"Then you get it out when you really need it."

She said Sharesies is all about encouraging people to invest the amounts they can afford, whether that's $5 or $50,000.

"Some people have made 50 percent and some have lost 7 percent, it really depends how much you put in and when you invest.