One-in-six Millennials check their phone during sex - survey

  • 11/06/2018

Millennials are so engrossed by their phones that 17 percent of them check their devices during sex, according to a new survey. 

The US-based survey, conducted by phone accessories manufacturer SureCall, found that while people aged 18-34 are more likely to check their phone during sex or in the bathroom than older people, 78 percent aged between 35 to 51 check their phone in while using the toilet, as do 53 percent aged 52 to 70.

The survey also found 85 percent of Millennials check their phone while using the toilet, and 43 percent in the shower. 

"[Millennials] want to tell everyone what they're doing," said The AM Show co-host Mark Richardson on Monday. 

The survey of 1137 people found 27 percent feel anxious when left without their phone or they have no signal. 

One-in-five even said their habit of checking their phone affected their relationships with family. 

The respondents also reported a strong need to check their phone before bed, which appears to affect their quality of sleep - almost half saying they wake up two to three times during the night. 

If you want to cut your phone use, the answer is simple, according to Mack McKelvey, chief executive of marketing firm SalientMG: ditch the colour and go grey.

"You don't buy black-and-white cereal boxes, you buy the really stimulating coloured one, and these apps have developed really cool tiles, cool shapes, cool colours, all designed to stimulate you," he told the New York Times.

"But there's a vibrant world out there, and your phone shouldn't be it."

Users who have made the switch say it dramatically reduces how often they reach for their phones.

That attention-seeking Facebook button just won't hold the same power over you if it only looks as appealing as your banking app, Mr McKelvey says.