Rihanna names new Fenty eyeliner after her most iconic comeback

Fenty is back. Photo credit: File

Rihanna's Fenty cosmetics range has always made a statement and her newest eye liner is no different, paying homage to one her most loved Twitter comebacks. 

The 'Love on the Brain' singer has named her newly launched 'Flyliner' after a fire tweet in 2011.

That year, a Twitter user made a racist comment about Rihanna's hairstyle on the cover of her then-single 'Man Down' saying, "Why does her hair look so nappy?" (Nappy is an offensive term for naturally coarse and curly hair.) Rihanna, never one to mince words, responded, "Cuz I'm black bitch!!!" 

Seven years later, the eyeliner 'Cuz I'm black' was born. 

The liner will be released on RiRi's Fenty website on July 6. 

Rihanna's cosmetics range has been praised for inclusiveness in the past, with a range of colour shades for all skin tones, and even a body-positive lingerie collection. 



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