Terminal cancer patient given months to live cured by immunotherapy

  • 05/06/2018

One injection changed Judy Perkins' life forever.

The 52-year-old was riddled with cancer, with tumours the size of plums through her body after seven types of chemotherapy failed.

"My condition deteriorated a lot towards the end, and I had a tumour pressing on a nerve, which meant I spent my time trying not to move at all to avoid pain shooting down my arm. I had given up fighting," Ms Perkins told The Daily Mail.

Thanks to a revolutionary immunotherapy treatment administered by the National Institutes of Health, Ms Perkins' tumours were destroyed by her own white blood cells.

The treatment, which is a world-first, harnesses the body's own immune system to fight the cancer - however only 15 percent of patients respond so dramatically to the treatment.

Researchers say the treatment should be available to more patients within five years, The Daily Mail reports.

Ms Perkins says after the treatment dissolved her tumours, she was able to be active again.

"It feels miraculous and I am beyond amazed that I have now been free of cancer for two years," she told The Daily Mail.

"Experts may call it extended remission, but I call it a cure."