The children with naughtiest names revealed

  • 05/06/2018
The children with naughtiest names revealed

Results from a study have revealed Ella, Bethany, Joseph and Cameron are among the top names for misbehaving children in the classroom.

The results are from a survey that looked at more than 63,000 children who got credit for good behaviour in online sticker books, The Daily Mail reports.

Names and their impacts have been studied for decades, and studies show men with unusual first names are more likely to drop out of school.

Other studies have found a link between names and social backgrounds, with parenting skills having a more critical impact on future development, The Daily Mail reports.

Other naughty girls' names include Olivia, Holly, Courtney, Laura, Caitlin, Eleanor, Bethany, Jade and Amber.

At the top of the naughty boys' list are Benjamin, Ethan, Luke, Jamie, Lewis, Cameron, William, Jake and Joshua.

The top well-behaved children are Amy, Georgia, Jacob and Daniel. Others include Daniel, Thomas, Ryan, Sophie, Emily and Alice.