Uber plans technology to target drunk passengers

Experts warn drivers could take advantage of vulnerable customers.
Experts warn drivers could take advantage of vulnerable customers. Photo credit: Getty

Uber is developing a new way to target drunk passengers.

The tech giant has applied for a patent that would allow your phone to recognise if you're under the influence.

Uber driver Rosalina Kariotakis says passengers can be a nightmare to deal with when they're drunk.

"It can ruin a driver's night completely," she told 7 News.

As a result, Uber's US operations are planning a way to create more protection for their drivers.

The app could analyse customer's behaviour on their phones, including things like spelling mistakes. Making more mistakes than normal could be a sign they've had too much to drink.

However there could be a dark side. Privacy and safety advocates warn rogue Uber drivers could target vulnerable customers to take advantage of them.

"If this is not managed properly, there are opportunities for drivers to purposefully select passengers who are intoxicated," Dr William Raffe, from Sydney's University of Technology, told 7 News.

"The ethical questions are not fleshed out."


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