Woman born without a vagina receives transplant made from fish skin

A woman born without a vagina received life-changing surgery to construct one for her out of fish skin.

Jucilene Marinho, 23, from Brazil, was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) and had no cervix, uterus or ovaries, The Daily Mail reports.

She will never be able to conceive children and was facing a life where she would never be able to have sex.

But in April 2017 Ms Marinho became the first person to receive a neovaginoplasty, in which doctors artificially created an opening and inserted a genital-shaped mould lined with the skin of the tilapia fish.

The fish skin then absorbed into her body and became new tissue that lines the vaginal tract.

The mould with some tilapia skin.
The mould with some tilapia skin. Photo credit: Caters

Ms Marinho says before the operation she fell into a deep depression and worried she would never be able to have an intimate relationship.

Now she's been able to consummate her relationship with her boyfriend of a year, following around six months of recuperation after the surgery.

Initially Ms Marinho was concerned things would not go well, but on the day everything went fine.

"It was a wonderful moment because everything worked perfectly," she told The Daily Mail. "There was no pain, just a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction."

She said she now knows she's been able to experience something many other people have had.

"Everything felt sensitive in what I'm told is the right and normal way. It was perfectly natural like the opening had always been there.

"It felt so good to have something the majority of women take for granted."