Woman discovers long-lost sister living in same apartment building

Woman discovers long-lost sister living in same apartment building

A woman who spent years searching for her long-lost sister in the United States has discovered they live in the same apartment building.

Hillary Harris found out seven years ago she had an older sister named Dawn Johnson, who she shared a father with, but she'd never managed to track her down until recently.

Ms Harris, 31, had been adopted as a young girl - and after having a child of her own, she wanted to try to track down her birth family.

She researched her birth father Wayne Clouse, who passed away in 2002, and found out that he had two other daughters - including one named Dawn Johnson.

Despite her efforts, she had never managed to track either of the women down.

While living in an apartment building in Wisconsin she met a woman named Dawn, and thought little of it - until, in June last year, she noticed a package had arrived made out to Dawn Johnson.

"I began to shake. It was such an intense moment," Ms Harris told Yahoo.

She worked up the courage to text Dawn and ask her who her father was, and she revealed it was Wayne Clouse.

"Ever since then, we've grown so close," Ms Harris said, adding there was "an immediate connection".


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