Anonymous person spends $1m on remaining Toys R Us toys for US children

Wooden toys block arranging as a house, learning development concept.
Photo credit: Getty/ file

An anonymous person has spent US$1 million buying toys to donate to children, the day before Toys R Us went out of business.

The shopper visited a Toys R Us store in North Carolina last week, buying up all of the remaining toys before the chain closed for good on Friday, June 29.

The store decided not to open its doors on Friday and instead staff spent the day packing up the toys into trucks to be delivered to children in need, WNCN reports.

Toys R Us is keeping tight-lipped about who the mystery buyer is.

Shoppers who turned up on Friday hoping for a bargain were at first disappointed to see the closed doors, but they cheered up when they learned what had happened.

"Maybe it's Bill Gates," customer Hailey Rawles told WNCN.

"I like the idea of donating the toys. That's pretty rad," said Dan Paulson.

All 700 Toys R Us stores in the United States have closed, after the company filed for bankruptcy in late 2017 $5 billion in debt.

The closures have led to thousands of job losses across the country.


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