Iranian women dance in streets in defiance of ban

Iranian women dance in streets in defiance of ban
Photo credit: Vocativ/ screenshot

Iranian women are filming themselves dancing in the streets in defiance of a strict ban, and the videos are spreading around the world.

Women in Iran are banned from dancing in front of men who are not family members, effectively banning dancing in public spaces.

Dozens of videos have been uploaded to social media in recent weeks showing women bravely dancing in the streets and risking arrest in defiance of the law.

The videos have been collated by US media company Vocativ and have clocked up hundreds of thousands of views online. 

The strict laws on dancing also extend to men. In April 2018, a youth concert at a shopping mall in Masshad was branded an "offence against public decency" as young men and women were filmed clapping and dancing while watching a performance.

It led to the arrest of the head of the city's Islamic guidance department, according to a BBC report

Last year six people, four men and two women, were arrested for teaching Zumba classes in a public square in Tehran. Zumba classes are even banned in women's only gyms, according to The Telegraph.

This style of dance protest has been happening for several years, as well as social media protests showing women in Iran illegally removing their headscarves in public spaces.