Mother livestreams backyard birth

  • 22/07/2018
Mother livestreams backyard birth
Photo credit: YouTube

A mother has given birth to her sixth child without any pain relief in front of 1.4 million online viewers.

German woman Sarah Schmid, who lives in France, says she live-streamed her backyard labour so people could witness birth without medical intervention.

"In old cultures the girls would watch their mothers give birth so they would know what it was like. Now the chance to do this is very small," she told British tabloid The Sun.

The 36-year-old says she began 'free birthing' at home with her first child after being put off by hospitalised births when she was studying medicine.

"I can relax best outside. I can look up to the sky, feel grass under my feet and focus. I found it stressful in hospital."

For this birth, Sarah went through the labour largely alone next to her family's backyard playhouse.

She had occasional assistance from her husband, 41-year-old Tim. Her five other children, who were all born outdoors, were also present.

The video, livestreamed on YouTube, has since been removed.