Napier couple preparing to wed underwater in New Zealand first

  • 09/07/2018

A Kiwi couple are giving new meaning to the term 'taking the plunge' after winning a competition to wed underwater.

Napier couple Jay and Emma will be getting hitched at The National Aquarium of New Zealand on Saturday July 14, streamed live on the Breeze Hawkes Bay's Facebook page.

Jay told The AM Show on Monday morning it was Emma's idea to enter when the competition first arose.

"Not a million years did I ever think we'd win it," he says.

The couple say it's in their nature to have their wedding be "just something different".

"Look to be honest we've been to wedding expos and we've seen all the traditional stuff and it's just not us - we like to do things quite differently, we love to be adventurous," says Jay.

During the ceremony, the celebrant will communicate with the couple via Bluetooth headset, and they'll hold up paddles to confirm the 'I dos' for watching friends and family.

While Jay is a regular diver, Emma has only done it once, "so might need a little bit of practice" before the big day.

You can keep up with the planning for Jay and Emma's underwater nuptials on the Breeze Facebook page.

Watch the full The AM Show video above.