Outrage after disturbing Handmaid's Tale-themed wine released

The wines in the Lot18 Handmaid's Tale range.
The wines in the Lot18 Handmaid's Tale range. Photo credit: Lot18.com

May the Lord open... a bottle of pinot noir?

Just in time for the final episode of season two of Handmaid's Tale, a range of wines has been released for you to sip while you're scared - but people have turned to Twitter in outrage over the descriptions of the "seductive" drops.

People revealed this week that wine sales website Lot18.com has launched a line of wines inspired by the three main "bold characters" - all of which are violently oppressed fictional women Offred, Ofglen and Serena Joy.

That's right - not their real names, but instead the names of the masters who keep them as sex slaves.

In the description of the 'Offred' red, Lot18 writes that "it's useless to resist this seductive and appealing Pinot Noir" - a clear reference to the repeated rape scenes throughout the series.

"Completely stripped of her rights and freedom, Offred must rely on the one weapon she has left to stay in control - her feminine wiles. This French Pinot Noir is similarly seductive, its dark berry fruit and cassis aromatics so beguiling it seems almost forbidden to taste," the site describes.

"But it's useless to resist the wine's smooth and appealingly earthy profile, so you may as well give in."

Ofglen is Offred's best friend who, in addition to also being forcibly raped like the other handmaids, is savagely beaten and sent to a labour camp because of her relationship with another woman.

Lot18 describes her as "Gilead's most rebellious Handmaid!" and notes the Cabernet Sauvignon in her honour is a "daring testament to the heights that Oregon Cabs can reach" and has a "warm, spicy finish."

Fans of the show have turned to Twitter to express their disgust over the misguided marketing.

A representative for Lot18 told Vulture the line has been pulled, though the website currently lists the Offred pinot noir as "sold out".

The final episode of Handmaid's Tale will be available from Thursday night on Lightbox.




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