Share a Grin: Nationwide campaign to gift 50,000 Kiwi kids eco-friendly toothbrush

Grin products
Tooth decay is the leading chronic disease seen in Kiwi kids. Photo credit: Supplied.

A Kiwi toothpaste company is launching a campaign with a lofty goal: to gift 50,000 Kiwi kids in need biodegradable toothbrushes.

The campaign 'Share A Grin' means that for every customer who purchases a Grin product at New World, it will in turn donate an eco-friendly toothbrush to a Kiwi kid who needs it the most.

According to a recent report by charity Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), tooth decay is the most common chronic disease seen in children, and is one of the leading causes of hospitalisation for New Zealand children. The report discusses the direct correlation between child poverty and dental health.

At its most basic level, Grin's campaign is a 'buy one-give one' promotion. However, they say they are determined it will dig deeper.

"When we first became aware of the issue, we wanted to contribute somehow and the 'buy one-give one' model seemed like a great place to start. However, after doing a bit of research about the model, we felt that more could be done," said Grin's marketing manager, Paul Stokes.

"In order to play our part in a more effective way, we couldn't just give a bunch of brushes away - the promotional model on its own wouldn't be enough.

"This is why we've created an educational layer as part of the campaign, to really address some of those underlying issues that have been discovered by organisations like Child Poverty Action Group."

Donated toothbrushes will be distributed via local charities and organisations selected by New World, school events and through Eat My Lunch.

Since its inception in 2015, Eat My Lunch has delivered over 850,000 school lunches to hungry kids.

"Eat My Lunch has become a vehicle for Kiwis to help, so we're really happy to be able to distribute Grin toothbrushes to our schools and the kids who need them," says founder Lisa King.

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