The toilet that can test for drugs, pregnancy and depression

Scientists are developing a tool to diagnose disease right at home - on the toilet.

It could also tell if you're pregnant or depressed, and help parents detect whether their kids are using drugs.

The transparent toilet could provide a window into the body, says Cambridge University researcher Giuliano de Martino.

"Wouldn't it be great if mums can detect if their sons are doing drugs, or if your premium of the insurance company is lowered just because you are giving them access to your everyday health data?"

Once you flush, a sensor deep inside can detect levels of sugar or alcohol and drugs in the urine.

The toilet uses nanotechnology to trap and analyse these bio-markers, and the results can be sent straight to your smartphone or to a healthcare professional.

This was all explained by the researchers at Cambridge University - using tennis balls.

"You can use your intelligent toilet every day and discover your illness even if you were not aware of it," says Ms de Martino.

Imagine the possibilities: an entire block of intelligent toilets could be installed at every Olympics - watch out Russia.

However, this is just version number one - and scientists say number two could be 20 years away.