Why the weeds at your feet might carry the secret to health

  • 11/07/2018

If you live in the Hawke's Bay and you spy someone pulling the weeds out of your garden, it's probably Georgina Langdale.

The founder of Archeus creates much of her skincare, perfumes and elixirs out of common household weeds.

Langdale told the AM Show this morning that in the Hawke's Bay they're "pretty good at using the land in all sorts of ways, and my way is using common plants as healers".

"You call them weeds; I call them a powerful healer."

She said people often don't realise they're standing on "nature's first aid kit".

"Plantain, which people often know as a grazing crop for livestock, [is] fantastic for taking the sting out of beestings and healing wounds," she said.

"My husband is a really good guinea pig; when he has an accident I run after him with a leaf."

Langdale has been nominated for international awards for her products, which she says can help with menopause, illness, and healing after medical treatment. 

You can find more about Archeus here.