German woman, 36, sells her virginity for $431,000

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Mandy said she was tired of waiting for the right man to come along. Photo credit: Getty

A 36-year-old German woman has sold her virginity for hundreds of thousands of dollars after getting tired of waiting for the "right guy".

Mandy, who would not give a last name, sold her virginity though a popular escort service for €250,000 (NZ$431,000), the Daily Mail reports.

She said she was sick of abstaining and knew it was time to move on.

"It's like the casino - you have to know when to stop," she said.

"I could go on for years telling myself that I only have to wait another year to meet the right guy. The years would go by and I'd only lose time. I think I'm doing the right thing."

Mandy said her friends were jealous of the fact she was able to get so much money for her virginity and she hoped her parents would respect her decision.

She's due to meet the auction's anonymous winner in September and will finally do the deed.

"At some point, my virginity just felt like a burden. Everyone talked about it. Society made me feel different. That it's not normal to be a virgin at 36,"she told The Daily Mail.

"But I think that's what makes my virginity so valuable. I've kept [it] for 36 years and I can only give [it] away once."

The money will be split between advancing Mandy's career as a flight attendant, helping her family and donating to charity.


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