How to celebrate Father's Day without a father

Grandmother and granddaughter on father's day
Take the chance to thank the other role models in your life this Father's Day. Photo credit: Getty

Father's Day is this Sunday, and across the country parents everywhere could be waking up to wonderful gendered gifts.

But for some, the weeks of 'gifts for dad' advertising can feel a little awkward or even painful.

Not everyone has a father. They might have same-sex parents, a single mother, be bereaved or maybe their dad just isn't on the scene anymore.

Father's Day may feel like a reminder of what you don't have; but you can find other ways to celebrate it. 

Thank the other role models in your life

If you've got a single parent it wouldn't be hard to recreate that emotional Spark ad and make a super-cute gift for mum. She probably wouldn't be expecting it, and if she's looking after the kids alone she certainly deserves two holidays.

If you're not keen on that you could find another role model who played a big part in your to celebrate; another relative, a family friend or a teacher. 

For any of them you could get the same old power tools, socks or car accessories, but something homemade is always best.

Hang out with friends

Others in your friend group may also have little reason to celebrate a father on Sunday and could be there to share the experience with you.

Maybe head out to brunch with them and you can bond over how the day makes you feel. Otherwise, plan something fun together and distract from the day. 

Look after yourself

Sometimes the best recipe is some good self-care. The best thing to do on Sunday could be just be to treat yourself.

Have a nice relaxing bath, watch your favourite movie, or head out and explore your favourite part of your home town.

It might even be worth taking a break from social media - hundreds of posts from friends celebrating their parents may get a bit tiring if you can't do it yourself.