Josh Thomson fills in for Jeremy Corbett, gets hair-raising makeover

Jeremy Corbett was absent from Thursday night's episode of The Project, but thankfully another comedian stepped in to take his place for the fourth instalment of Beauty Week.

Josh Thomson was informed while sitting at the desk that he would be receiving a special cosmetic treatment: having his famously curly hair straightened.

It was none other than Corbett himself who delivered the hair-raising news, sending in a video of himself challenging Thomson to the makeover.

Thomson said he wouldn't mind straightening his hair, first clarifying that it would be the hair on his head rather than in any other places.

He was then taken backstage to have his curls straightened out by a team of professionals. Live footage showed that he didn't seem to be having a good time, glowering down the camera as his hair was pulled in every direction by six different straightening irons.

Later in the show Thomson revealed his new 'do, which he struggled keeping out of his eyes.

"There's so much admin with straight hair," he grumbled, before adding: "I kind of look like Simon Bridges."

Host Jesse Mulligan disagreed, saying the straight-haired Thomson reminded him more of actor Jack Black as well as comparing him to a "lounge singer in the 50s".

"I actually think it works," said an impressed guest host Mark Richardson.

It's unlikely Thomson will keep his new look, as he couldn't stop flicking his hair out of his eyes and complaining that he couldn't see.

Corbett will be back tomorrow night for the final instalment of Beauty Week, which promises to be the most jaw-dropping yet.


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