Kiwi kids battle it out in environmentally friendly cooking competition

Kids from across the country have spent a day in the kitchen for a national cooking competition. 

Garden to Table's Root to Tip challenge encourages children to grow their own produce and use vegetables in their entirety. 

The challenge saw the teams make two dishes using locally sourced produce, while keeping waste to a minimum.

"It's all about encouraging children to learn the cooking skills as well as growing food, and both of those go into today's competition," Garden to Table founder Catherine Bell told Newshub.

Judge Al Brown said "it's about changing mindsets", using food in its entirety and connecting kids to where it comes from. 

"It's understanding that this is a piece of silverbeet, it's not just about the leaf, it's also about the stalk. You take a lemon, it's not just about the juice in there as well."

Chef Al Brown judged the competition.
Chef Al Brown judged the competition. Photo credit: Newshub.

New Zealand's population wastes up to $1.8 billion worth of food a year. The weight of this annual food waste is the equivalent of 350 Boeing 747 super jets. 

From frittatas, risotto, crumble crepes, the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

The judges had a tough job but there could only be one winner. Holly Patterson and Madyson Picard from Parua Bay School, Northland, were crowned New Zealand’s Root to Tip cooking competition winners.

It's dishes like these that could see these young Kiwis leading the way and putting New Zealand on the map when it comes to sustainable, healthy foods.