Meet New Zealand's very own UFO maker

The days of the safety-negligent, eccentric inventor seem to be coming to an end. 

What with all the bubble wrap of 21st health and safety memos and the general human, some would say, rational fear of fire.

Every so often you meet someone who will throw caution to the wind with a homemade frame thrower fashioned from a garden hose, vacuum cleaner, and a BBQ gas bottle. 

A champion of the individual who does what he wants to do. In the pursuit of a incessant desire to make and be creative.

Andrew Palace is the man we are talking about. 

The 25-year veteran lamp construction wizard can be found hidden away in his little brick workshop behind a supermarket car park. Just follow the hum of scrapyard metal being being sculpted into interstellar masterpieces of light.

Watch the video for the full story