Mike McRoberts makes Jeremy Corbett get waxed

Jeremy Corbett has undergone his most painful cosmetic procedure yet.

On night three of The Project's Beauty Week, the comedian rose to the challenge posed by Newshub presenter Mike McRoberts - getting his legs waxed.

Thankful it wasn't a more sensitive body part, Corbett headed to Haven Skin Spa where he was instructed to take off his pants and lie on a table that was rather too short for the tall comedian.

He suffered through the agonising treatment, involuntarily jerking and yelling each time beauty technician Chloe Sowman ripped off his leg hair.

"I'd describe it like being stung by 50 bees at the same time," he told the camera.

The pain was too much for him, and he called the waxing off after one leg, leaving the other as hairy as ever.

After rating the experience "five screams out of six", it was back to the studio where a shorts-wearing Corbett proudly propped his smooth leg up on the desk to be admired and stroked by his fellow hosts.

"I'd eat my dinner off that," Jesse Mulligan proclaimed.

Guest host Ginette McDonald called Corbett's transformation "beautiful", comparing it to "an installation."

Watch the full segment on The Project.