Mister Jones review: My quest to make a multivitamin fix it all

As a lifestyle writer, there's a lot of pressure to have your shit together.

Who am I to tell others which foods can knock years off your life, while I also go out for Mexican food and drink Pinot Noir four nights a week (approx)?

So, a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to get back to a healthier me, the one that existed before she worked in a newsroom with an endless flow of chocolate. 

My interest was piqued by supplements continually popping up on my Instagram feed: Aussie company Mister Jones.

To be honest, it was the pretty millennial pink packaging that drew me in the most, with the promises of improved health second. Despite the male name, these vitamins are aimed at women and promise to help with a lot of things - more energy, less bloating, better sleep and weight loss management.

The impressive range of benefits are promised with a simple two step routine - two tablets in the morning, then two at night.

At first I was sceptical. Then I was curious.

I got in contact with some questions and the very lovely team sent me a set to try: a Perfect Pair pack, containing a bottle of the Rise and Shine (morning) and Sleep Tight (night).

Mister Jones perfect pair
The Perfect Pair pack. Photo credit: Supplied

The Rise and Shine, kept on my desk at work amongst littered coffee cups and Whitakers Creamy Milk wrappers, promised increased energy without that anxious gut buzz - perfect for me as I gave up espresso coffee for about the 19th time in my life.

The morning vitamins are also said to help with weight management and stress.

"We've included some traditional medicinal herbs that have been used for thousands of years to help the body handle stress and stressful situations," a Mister Jones spokesperson told me.

"We don't mean stress like 'AHHHH', but stress on your body from overthinking, too many wines or a meeting at work that you need to prepare for."

They also claimed Rise and Shine would improve "verbal fluency", due to herbs used for thousands of years to help the brain's processing power.

"You'll start saying words that aren't apart of your usual vocabulary," the team promised, which sounded a little strange, but would only be helpful in my profession as a journalist, I supposed.

At first I felt a little nauseous each day when I took my morning vitamins, but after a little research I discovered that taking it with food helps absorption, so I started downing them along with my 10am porridge and banana. Boom - nausea gone.

Mister Jones vitamins
The vitamins are targeted at some of the things that plague women: low energy, bloating and weight struggles. Photo credit: Supplied

I impatiently kept waiting for a magical burst of energy to hit me in the afternoon; I like an instant result. But over the weeks, something started happening. Even without coffee, I wasn't falling asleep over a scone at 3pm. I could actually go to the gym after work (miracle number one) without eating half a pack of Tim Tams first for energy (miracle number two - and perhaps where the 'weight management' comes in). My skin looked a little clearer. My eyes were a little whiter.

Little by little, I was feeling like myself, but just a lot better.

The change with Sleep Tight was much more drastic. From night number two, I was out like a light, sleeping like a baby, and other clichés about being a corpse all night. 

Mister Jones says it's the combination of B6, Zinc and Magnesium which helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up without drowsy side effects. I say it's witchcraft.

By popping a couple after dinners, by 9pm I was yawny and by 10pm I was ready for bed. One night, I slept from 9:45pm to 7:30am - incredible! I started telling everyone how rested I was. All my friends and family will be receiving 'Sleep Tight' for Christmas.

So can a multivitamin fix it all? Well, no. But it can do a bloody good job of helping your body fight against the perils of millennial life.

Mister Jones is a little pricey, but not as much as some alternatives on the market. And I especially like that the vitamins come in recyclable glass bottles, rather than individual unnecessary plastic packets like SOME I could mention, but I won't because I'm scared of confrontation.

At the end of month one, I can safely call myself a fan of this Mister Jones fella, and he's going to take up regular residence in my life. If one month was enough to see a change, perhaps two will make me the health influencer of my dreams.



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