Salon worker attacks customers with broom after botched eyebrow wax

A brawl has been caught on camera breaking out in a beauty salon in New York, after a customer accused the staff of botching her eyebrow wax and refused to pay. 

Bystander Mercy Maduka posted a video to Facebook showing the moment Christina Thomas, 21, challenged the salon owner on how her eyebrow wax turned out, after she went in for a manicure, pedicure and wax. 

Salon worker attacks customers with broom after botched eyebrow wax
Photo credit: Facebook.

In the video, an employee at the Brooklyn salon can be seen wielding a broom and repeatedly whacking Thomas on the back and shoulders. 

There are reported disputes over how the brawl started: Brooklyn's News12 reports Thomas only refused to pay for the eyebrow wax, but the salon reportedly says she also refused to pay for the pedicure.

At that point, manager Michael Lin told NBC4 New York that employees blocked the door.

"She said she didn't like it and doesn't want to pay for nothing," Lin said.

"I said: 'Sit down, let me call the police. If the police say you can go, you pay nothing. [If the] police say you pay for the pedicure, then you pay for the pedicure. No eyebrow, no problem'."

Maduka's Facebook video of the fight has since gone viral, garnering over 24,000 shares. 

"So I'm at the nail salon and they [expletive] up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke out," she wrote, including the salon's address. 

Police told local media there is an ongoing investigation into the incident. 




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