The 'criminally good' wines using augmented reality to bring them to life

An Australian wine is making its mark in New Zealand, with a criminally cool twist.

Winemaker 19 Crimes is the first wine label globally to use Augmented Reality (AR) on its labels, bringing its brand story to life and using technology to engage customers in a unique way.

The label's name pays tribute to Australia's infamous origins and the stories of the men and women convicts-turned-colonists. The "talking wine labels" show mugshots of a few of those sentenced to transportation - and when you download the Living Wine Labels app and scan the bottle with your phone camera, you'll experience the convicts' stories first-hand.

The name arises from the approximately 162,000 men and women transported on prison ships from England to Australia From the late 1700s to the late 1800s, for a violation of what became known as 19 Crimes.

These included anything from 'Grand Larceny, Theft above the value of One Shilling' to 'Bigamy' and 'Stealing a Shroud out of a Grave' - all tales told through the AR on the labels.

Nick McArdle, 19 Crimes spokesperson says they've used the technology to "break down some of the barriers typically associated with wine, things like tradition, heritage, and region".

"We are challenging these conventions and cutting out the 'wine talk' that can be intimidating to some wine drinkers," Mr McArdle explained.

"Augmented reality is the future - and it's fun, interactive, and easy to share."

Kiwis can find the 19 Crimes Cab Sav and Shiraz at Countdown, New World, Pak n Save and most traditional liquor stores. The Living Wine labels app is available to download from the iTunes or Google Play Store.



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