Trelise Cooper on how not to dress yourself

  • 27/08/2018

Monday marks the start of Fashion Week 2018, and New Zealand designer Trelise Cooper stopped by the AM Show to give her dos and don'ts when it comes to dressing yourself.

The designer says Kiwi fashion has changed in some very evident ways, especially with the prevalence of social media.

"The scruffy have gotten scruffier," she says. "They've given permission to themselves to go down, but I think with the [invention] of Instagram and Facebook and people needing to look good, there's a lot more people concerned about how they look.

"But to be honest if you look good, you feel good."

The designer says it's about confidence, rather than vanity.

"It's about feeling like you belong somewhere. I think if you turn up in bare feet and shorts - and I had this recently at an event - this girl came in bare feet and shorts and a singlet and she really looked deeply uncomfortable.

"It probably looked fine and she probably talked herself into it at home, but she looked really out of place.

"That's genuinely how she dresses. I think people who dress like that would find life really difficult, more difficult than say if you groomed yourself."

NZFW runs from August 27 to September 2 at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.