US man's 'disgusting' tip for waitress goes viral

He chose to "experiment" while out at dinner - but now he's been called out online.
He chose to "experiment" while out at dinner - but now he's been called out online. Photo credit: Mark Arum / Twitter

A US man has been slammed for his "disgusting" behaviour after boasting about the tipping method he inflicted on his waitress.

He posted an image of five US$1 bills to Facebook, along with a message explaining his "experiment".

"So I took the wife out to dinner last night, and we have always talked about doing this. You put five singles out on the table at the beginning of dinner for the waiter/waitress to see," he wrote.

"If they mess up, you take a dollar away, and so on. At the end of dinner, how ever much is left, is their tip. I shit you not, you will receive the best service of your life."

He said the waitress was confused at first - but she was quick to catch on once she began to lose money.

"I did take away a dollar tho bec[ause] she forget the bread, but she bounced back and gave us extra. Haha all in all a great evening with my love and a good dinner experiment," he wrote.

But his actions were called out after reporter Mark Arum shared a photo of the post to Twitter along with a message: "As a former waiter, please don't ever do this. Ever."

His followers were quick to call out the man for his "condescending" actions.

"That's pretty disgusting behaviour to be honest. If you want to leave a tip then do so, or don't... but to flaunt your cash in this way is just awful," one person commented.

"Extremely rude and disrespectful. Servers work very hard and do an outstanding job in service of their patrons. I truly hope no one ever tries to incorporate this insulting tactic," another said.