Woman dupes hundreds of men into Tinder date for viral marketing campaign

  • 22/08/2018
Woman dupes hundreds of men into Tinder date for viral marketing campaign
Photo credit: Twitter/bvdhai

An American woman who tricked hundreds of men into a simultaneous Tinder date in New York Square did it for a marketing stunt. 

The model and actress named as Natasha Aponte invited unwitting men she met on Tinder to the square for what they each thought was an individual date. 

The men thought they were seeing a DJ play and then grabbing a drink with Ms Aponte afterwards. 

Once all the men had arrived, Ms Aponte got up on stage and told all the people in relationships to leave. The men that were left were then asked to battle it out in a contest to win a proper date, The New York Post reports. 

"The first elimination is if you think you can support Trump and date a Puerto Rican, now's the time to leave. If anyone's a tourist or doesn't live in this country, you should leave too. Also anyone named Jimmy. I don't enjoy the name Jimmy," Ms Aponte said.

Twitter user @bvdhai who had rocked up for a date with Ms Aponte documented his experience. 

He said she text him saying "'Hey I'm running a little late but just meet me by the stage then we can go' I wasn't gonna stand in front of the f***ing stage so I stand off to the side a bit.

"Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it's her," his Twitter post reads. 

"All the dudes there she found on Tinder and texted them the same sh*t."

He said he was genuinely amazed by the stunt but decided to go home.

Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative told the New York Post a video of the stunt will be released on Thursday in a viral marketing campaign.