Bryce Casey gets emotional talking about miscarriages

The Rock radio host Bryce Casey has teared up talking about his wife's miscarriages.

The admission came after a story on The Project in which Dame Valerie Adams spoke about her struggles with infertility.

Casey the fourth host of The Project on Tuesday night, and opened up about his experiences.

"It's all too real when I see that story with Valerie, and the words she used - that feeling of failure, the feeling of being alone. They are really real to me personally."

He and his wife, fellow radio personality Sharyn Casey, spent five years trying to get pregnant.

The pair lost three babies along the way.

"Every single one of them feels like a real baby, and you miss them."

He then says they sought a second opinion after they lost their second baby. 

"After we lost the second one, that's when we found out that we could get an operation that could help Sharyn that got us there.

"It may not work for everyone, but that got us there. Get a second opinion."

The couple have been open about their fertility battle, with Sharyn taking to social media after they lost a baby boy last year saying it was the first time they heard his heartbeat.

They welcomed a baby boy, Tyson, in January this year.


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