Christchurch gym Anytime Fitness installs dedicated 'selfie room'

A Christchurch gym has posed an interesting answer to the on-going 'gym selfie' debate.

Anytime Fitness Hornby has created a 'selfie room': a private mirrored room for gym goers who want to snap their progress photos.

The gym claims it's the first of its kind in Christchurch.

"Body positivity is so important to us, and tracking the progress of your health and fitness journey is so rewarding!" they wrote on the Facebook post.

"Progress photos to track your changes and results are super motivating and a great motive to keep pushing harder, so we created this space for you to be able to take your gym selfies in private.

"Hard work pays off team!"

They encouraged members to post selfies from the Selfie Room online, to keep track of results.

Many gym-goers seem pumped by the prospect, tagging in their friends with comments like "you'll live here".

But posing and posting photos from gyms has been a controversial topic for a while.

City Fitness in Christchurch banned taking pictures and video in their gym in 2016, with the sign "Due to unhappy members ending up in the background of Facebook posts and YouTube videos, taking pictures and video is now prohibited. If seen you will be asked to stop."

They also banned body-building competitors from practicing competition poses in front of the mirrors.