Mother's confusion after school claims child's lunch was 'too unhealthy'

A UK mother has been left bewildered after her son's school apparently deemed his lunch "unhealthy".

Laura Lee from Stafford posted a picture of the lunch she had sent her two-year-old son to school with, captioned "I sent my 2.5 yr old son to school with this and the cookies got sent home because they're unhealthy - there were 3 MINI cookies."

She's garnered the support of other parents who praised her for making her son's lunch look "fun and appealing". 

"Absolute rubbish that he wasn't allowed to get those small cookies. Everything in moderation, surely," one commenter wrote. 

"That looks great and well balanced, my son's drink got sent home because it was fizzy, it was sparkling water," wrote another. 

The picture was posted on a Facebook thread where teachers commented with some of the worst lunches they've seen students bring to school. 

Educators wrote they had seen everything from kids only turning up with energy drinks to cold McDonalds leftovers. 

A Newshub comparison between Decile 1 and Decile 10 Kiwi schools last year revealed similar statistics. 

At a Decile 1 school, just eight of the 18 children interviewed had breakfast that morning. For some, it was only a single biscuit, or a slice of bread.



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