Take the personality test the Crusaders swear by

Take the personality test the Crusaders swear by
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Working with different people and getting to know different personalities can be testing. 

A quick Google search will tell you there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of personality tests on the market.

But there is one test that the Crusaders and a large number of other rugby teams use that could help you figure out the way other people think and act.

The New Zealand-developed Dot Test is widely regarded across the country, its developer claims.

Take the test.

Yellow, red, blue and purple are the four dots that describe people's different communication styles.

  • Purple dots are described as 'visionists' who are larger than life, talk a lot but lack great detail in their words. 
  • Yellow dots are seen as 'pictorialists' who are punctual and tidy. 
  • Red dots are 'rationalists' who are logical and no-nonsense communicators.
  • Blue dots are 'sensationalists' who are very in touch with their feelings. 

Stuff reported Crusaders coach Scott Robertson is a purple dot, Sam Whitelock is a red dot and Ryan Crotty is a yellow. 

But the majority of the country's rugby players are blue dots, according to the test's makers.

Take the test yourself to see what dot you are described as. 


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