'Thanks for dinner!': Woman's 'Bumble date from hell' shocks Twitter

We've all experienced our fair share of bad dates. One guy I went on a date with said the words "awkward turtle" while waiting for a drink. In the year 2017. 

But surely US woman Ryann Miller's takes the cake, recounting on Twitter how her date with Bumble user Brandon went down. 

"Hello twitter welcome to the Bumble date from hell," she begins the thread of posts, from September 14. 

Posting a photo of 38-year-old Brandon, Ryann describes how the two met for drinks. 

"The whole way to the bar he talked about bad dates he had, so I shared a few as well. When we sat down, he continued to shit all over girls my age and our expectations of men," she wrote.

"Anyway, he was completely rude to our waitress because she didn't walk over to our table fast enough when he finished his first beer. He threw his menu on the floor like a literal baby and then spoke to her in a disgustingly sarcastic and degrading tone."

Ryann says Brandon asked her if he was being "an asshole", to which she replied "yes". 

"He then went on to tell me to lighten up and a bunch of other irrelevant nonsense." 

When Brandon asked if he could use the bathroom after "three beers and a steak dinner", Ryann said she welcomed the break. 

Then she received this text.

"Thanks for dinner! Hard no, welcome to Cali fatty" Brandon wrote. 

"Are you serious?" was Ryann's reply. 

She wrote in another tweet that after several minutes of processing time, she told the waitress what occurred, before being informed the $50 bill needed to be paid - despite only drinking a $6 beer herself. 

"The worst part about all of this? He's a FATHER! To GIRLS!!! And @haann143 did some further digging and found that his Instagram is full of racist posts, and creeper shots of people he considers 'fat'," Ryann added. 

"Moral of the story: do your research FIRST, gal pals. We are all beautiful women who deserve to be loved, regardless of our size, race, ability, sexuality, WHATEVER. Don't ever let anybody make you feel anything different. WE. ARE. WORTHY. #ryannout"

The thread has been retweeted over 500 times, receiving more than 20,000 likes from supportive Twitter users. 

Ryann added in a later tweet stating that after contacting Bumble, they deleted Brandon's account.