The new penis sticker said to prevent pregnancy

  • 14/09/2018
couple in bed
Health experts are warning to keep it out of the bedroom. Photo credit: Getty

A new product is hoping to replace condoms in the bedroom, letting men put a seal over their urethras to stop semen emerging. 

The sticker, called Jiftip, has health experts alarmed and warning there is no evidence to suggest it's safe nor effective. 

Still in Beta testing according to the website, Jiftip is described as "the ideal solution for a set of people that aren't willing to forgo sex completely, but who wish to experience a higher form of intimacy than condoms can provide". 

"Real sex without the side effects," the website proclaims, adding you'll "feel everything, except the Jiftip". 

The stickers are currently being sold on their website in three-packs for US$6.

However, as the website notes, sealing your penis shut is not an effective form of contraception  and health experts advise it's not safe either.

The site's small-print also notes that the product is "not a condom and it is not approved for STI's or pregnancy prevention purposes". ("So what's the point?" you may correctly ask.)

But urologist Dr Koushik Shaw told he's still not a fan. 

"Ejaculating under high-pressure circumstances may back up your system," he explains. 

Dr Shaw worries that this practice could lead to prostate or penile pain if done repeatedly.

"The body is supposed to do things in a certain way, so I can't say this would be recommended."