Beehive's new 'flexitarian' sausages miss the mark

Beehive's new 'flexitarian' sausages miss the mark
Photo credit: Facebook - Premier Beehive

A new type of Beehive sausage claiming to be flexitarian has missed the point of the diet fad entirely.

The new flavours include a Moroccan lamb & lentils, beef & beetroot, lamb, mint and pea and Mexican, all claiming to be flexitarian or "at least 20 percent plant based."

However, by definition the flexitarianism diet movement is about focussing on an increase of plant based meals, but not completely eliminating meat.

The sausages are still 80 percent meat and don't fit the profile of a flexitarian meal if meat is still being consumed as part of it.

Social media users have also cottoned on to the misuse of the word, some wondering if it was in fact a joke and pointing out that it's actually just a regular sausage.

Some people who identify as flexitarian even go as far as to be completely plant based during the week and then on the weekend, consume meat. This means this new campaign still doesn't fit the flexitaraian profile.

The ad for the new range also includes an image which displays half the sausage being meat and half being vegetables, not the 20 to 80 percent ratio as suggested.

The sausages also have filler such as wheat, flour, breadcrumbs, herbs and spices.

Newshub has approached Beehive for comment, however the company has not yet responded to comments about the sausages on their Facebook page.

It's not the first time Beehive marketing has missed the mark, in June they pulled a billboard that joked about a romantic relationship between a 15-year-old and a 27-year-old after several complaints.