Gerry Brownlee's top spring gardening tips revealed

  • 18/10/2018

National MP Gerry Brownlee took a break from the furore within his political party this week to share some of his top spring gardening tips.

Brownlee joined the AM Show on Thursday to reveal the two ingredient weed killer he uses in his own garden, following his video 'Spring in Christchurch' being posted to Facebook two weeks ago.

Since then, it's garnered 35,000 views.

On Thursday Brownlee told the AM Show he hasn't given up on politics, but rather just wanted to show the public what he gets up to on the weekend. 

"We've got Labour Weekend coming up and a lot of people will be getting out into the garden," the MP for Ilam said.

"I personally don't like using chemicals, it's not something I'm comfortable with... You look at the label in the nursery [and] they tell you to wear a face mask and gloves and all the rest of it."

"Which I notice you weren't doing," AM Show host Duncan Garner cut in.

"No, well, this stuff is just vinegar and salt," Brownlee defended himself. "You spray it on your weeds and when that's done you can spray it on your chips. It's freely available [and] people should use natural remedies as much as possible, especially in home gardens.

"I found it works really well, particularly if you've got those weeds that grow between cracks in concrete, stuff like that."

Brownlee says he's been using the solution for a couple of years.

'I've always liked growing vegetables, I'm' not much good on the flower side of things," he said. "I think because we didn't have a home in Christchurch for five-and-a-half years; I think when you get it back you want to do lots of things."

Brownlee also shared a citrus spray recipe, for keeping aphids off your tomatoes in summer.

You can find a recipe for a vinegar and salt weed killer here