Keeping safe from sexual assault often at the front of women's minds - Amanda Gillies

Amanda Gillies taught her colleagues at the The AM Show a powerful lesson by asking them what they do to keep themselves safe from sexual assault.

Gillies had seen a post on the internet over the weekend showing the things women and men do to stay safe, and was shocked by the different responses.

Host Duncan Garner and sports reader Sam Ackerman failed to come up with a single thing they do, but Gillies had plenty.

"Every time I get into my car I always look in the back seat to make sure no-one's in there, whenever I go out if I put my drink down and I turn around I won't continue drinking it and I often look to make sure that they are pouring the drink and everything goes in," she said.

"When I go to my car I always have my keys out, just in case someone comes along so it's a form of weapon, I'll never walk anywhere, especially at night, on my own, even getting into a lift if there's one man there I often will busy myself and say 'oh don't worry I'll go up in the next one'."

She later added when she gets home she checks the door is locked and always sleeps with the window closed.

Garner and Ackerman both said after hearing her they would look in the back of the car in case of intruders, but Ackerman said he never thought of it in terms of preventing sexual assault.

That's the key difference to Gillies though and she said it wasn't until she saw the post that she realised how it affected her.

"For women it's often in the forefront of our mind or, just there [in the background]."