Kiwi chef Josh Emett teams up with The Collective for charity

It's not like Kiwi celeb chef Josh Emett doesn't have enough going on, with six restaurants across the country.

But now the man behind Madam Woo and Rata has teamed up with The Collective to be part of their successful 'Chefs for Good' series - a collaboration with iconic Kiwi chefs to raise money for New Zealand charities.

A dollar from every one of Emett's Raspberry & Rose Petal yoghurts will go to melanoma collective, a charity close to his heart which he's been working with for over three years.

"My father died of melanoma six and a half years ago, he'd had a few melanomas that had always been checked but one slipped through," Emett tells Newshub.

Kiwi chef Josh Emett teams up with The Collective for charity
Photo credit: Supplied.

According to the Melanoma NZ website more than 4000 people are diagnosed with either melanoma in situ or invasive melanoma every year in New Zealand - that's around 13 every day.

"The numbers are pretty staggering," Emett says. 

"But it's really relevant in summer when the sun is strong to get the message out there about prevention.

"[Melanoma] is one of those cancers where, if you catch it early, you can prevent it getting really bad."

For those Kiwis enjoying a summer barbeque outside this season, Emett says a hat and sunblock is a must - and maybe some of the Raspberry & Rose Petal yoghurt with dessert.

Emett says the process of coming up with his collective yogurt flavour was fun.

"I was really interested in the creative process of getting something like this done and on the shelf. It was really enjoyable. 

"We went to the drawing board with a couple of different flavours but [Raspberry & Rose Petal] was the one we liked best.

Emett says the flavours are perfect for summer, especially as raspberries come into season.

"I'm super happy with it."

Proceeds from The Collective's Raspberry & Rose Petal yoghurt go to Melanoma NZ, to help raise awareness in the early detection of melanoma.