Kiwi pop-up wedding company gifts millennial couple dream day

Simply Wed wedding
Leana and Kevin on their wedding day last week. Photo credit: Owen Allison..

I don't really know how much a wedding costs as I've never been married - but a local wedding blog puts the average cost around $35,000, and I hear it can go much, much higher. 

No wonder some couples are saying 'screw it' to big, expensive weddings. 

That's what couple Ruth Carpenter and Kevin Townsend found when they were organising their own special day. 

"It's the second time around for both of us" they told Newshub.

"We just wanted something small, but a lot of places only provide for big weddings, not small weddings of 20 people or so."

Kiwi pop-up wedding company gifts millennial couple dream day
Photo credit: Simply Wed

Kevin and Ruth said that more and more Kiwis are moving away from extravagant nuptials. 

"People have houses to buy and businesses to run; they don't want to spend all their money on a wedding."

So the couple launched Simply Wed, an Auckland-based company that promises a luxurious, stylish wedding for under $10,000 (prices start at $7000).

Keen to kick off their first wedding by giving something back, Ruth and Kevin say they decided to gift a package to a couple who really wanted to get married but couldn't afford it.

They found Leana and Kevin, owners of Hastings gym Xtreme Fitness. The couple said all their focus and money was going into their gym and its members, plus their decision to buy a bigger house meant they were facing a bigger mortgage. 

Leana and Kevin, at Xtreme Fitness.
Leana and Kevin, at Xtreme Fitness. Photo credit: Supplied.

The wedding therefore went "onto the backburner". 

On Friday, Leana and Kevin were wed with the 'Urban Glam' package at the Generator in Auckland, which bride Leana called "100 percent perfect".

"It was everything we could have wanted," she said.

The couple had close friends and family travel from Hawke's Bay, with around 30 guests in total. 

"The venue had that 'wow factor'," said Leana.

Leana and Kevin on their wedding day.
Leana and Kevin on their wedding day. Photo credit: Owen Allison.

"We had thought being a pop-up it would be cheaply done, because it isn't very expensive and usually weddings are, but there was nothing cheap about it!"

The service offers six locations around Auckland to choose from - including a treehouse. Once customers have selected location and a date, they'll be assigned a celebrant and photographer and can choose from a range of flowers, cakes, nibbles, drinks and music. 

There's even the option to add arrival by helicopter for those that are game.

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