New research finds vaping as bad for your lungs as smoking

New research finds vaping as bad for your lungs as smoking
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New research has found the flavouring for e-cigarettes and vapes causes more harm to the lungs than actual smoking.

The e-cigarette is popular with smokers wanting to quit the habit, but research says it could be just as bad - if not worse - for you.

According to research from the University of Athens, vapes and e-cigs cause serious inflammation of the lungs and the presence of inflammation-producing proteins becomes elevated.

The research compared several groups of mice and monitored what happened when they were exposed to cigarette smoke and three different e-cig vapours.

After just three days, the e-cig group had an increase in lung inflammation, mucous production, and a change in lung function.

What alarmed the researchers most was the high level of oxidative stress and cellular damage found in the group exposed to vape smoke.

However, the group of mice exposed to cigarette smoke was the only group to develop respiratory issues.

The research also found that vape refills are not well regulated and their long-term effects are still not known.

Dr Constaninos Glynos told Metro the terrible effects that vapes and e-cigs had on the mice proved that there needed to be more investigation into the safety and toxicity of the devices.


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